GrandArmyCollective was conceived by former gallery owners Janine Foeller (New York) and Micky Schubert (Berlin), as a way to address the evolving needs and challenges of contemporary art galleries and other creative initiatives.

GrandArmyCollective fosters community and supports a network of peers and artists by providing flexible and affordable exhibition platforms that encourage sustainability, risk-taking and curatorial rigor. Its about reigniting the camaraderie, diversity and experimentation that was once so integral to the overall health of the art world.

From September 2017 through March 2018, GAC will host a combination of fixed and rotating galleries and creative platforms. The first series of exhibitions will open on Sept 22, 2017, and will feature Bureau, New York; onestar press and Three Star Books, Paris; Real Fine Arts, New York and GAC projects (a series of exhibitions and performances organized by Janine Foeller and Micky Schubert). Other participating galleries are: Supportico Lopez, Berlin; Antenna Space (Shanghai), Herald Street (London), with additional programming TBA.